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When it comes to healthy eating, everyone has their own diet, or quick ways for losing weight. Whether they cut out carbs completely, or intermediate fasting (only eating for 8 of the 24 hour day). But there are universal things you should eat, avoid and substitute when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. So here are some tips you should follow so you can avoid unhealthy eating. 

Lay off the sodium

The average American eats more than double the sodium that the American Heart Association recommends. An increased consumption of sodium could lead to a variety of health problems mainly with the heart. And this is not usually from adding table salt to meals. It mainly comes from eating too many processed foods. So try to avoid processed products that contian too much sodium. 

Eat more fruits and veggies

This one seems obvious, but we cannot stress this enough. Eating fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens, is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They can be canned, frozen, dried, etc. Fruits and vegetables contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. You can cook them or eat them raw, either way they are a necessity to keep a balanced diet. 

There are good fats

When people read food labels such as nuts and oils, they get scared because they contain high amounts of fats. But these fats are considered good fats (mono and ployunsaturated fats). You still must eat these in moderation but they are far better than their counterparts (saturated and trans fats).

Meal prep

Prepared meals have more benfits than you know. One being portion control. When people make their meals they rarely know how much of each food group to put into it. Prepared meals also helps you remove junk food from your diet. If you already have meals ready to go, you are less likely to search around the kitchen for something to eat. When people do not have food readily made and don't know what to eat, they are far more likely to eat something unhealthy such as chips.  

Naked Fit Foods offers all of the above in its service. We make sure that there is no added sodium to our meals, offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, and is cooked with portioned good fats. And of course our meals are prepared every morning, ready to eat, never frozen. So when choosing a healthier lifestyle, think Naked Fit Foods.

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Lena R.

My husband and I had high expectations. We have been eating healthy for about a year, so anything processed is just gross to us. We love whole fresh foods. However, we own and operate 2 business. Time is a commodity. The idea that fresh good food would be prepared, cooked, and delivered to us is fabulous!!!!

Mark Daniels

Working 9-5 and Working Out it is tough to find the time to cook. Naked Fit Foods Home Delivery has changed my life!