5 Rules for Eating Well in 2016


1.) Cut out Sugary Drinks & Replace them with Infused Water

Sodas, Sugary Juices, and Sports Drinks will send your insulin levels through the roof! Not to mention, they are notorious for having no nutritional value, and they are basically high-calorie content packed with garbage! 

On the other hand, Infused waters are not only delicious but they are also very nutritious! They can help with fat-burning, digestion, headaches, congestion, cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, hydration, and more!

2.)  Say Goodbye to Fried Food 

Fried Food is absolutely horrible for your body! Especially your heart and your waistline. It would be better for you and your body to cut Fried Food out completely! It is full of trans-fats and although we all love that sweet grease, it can really do a number on you and your health. It is one of the most common factors that correlates with cardiovascular disease and obesity. Try broiling chicken, pan-searing fish, or baking fries. And get creative with spices and light sauces so that you're not missing out on any flavor.  

3.) Veggies are your Best Friend! 

Eat unlimited veggies! They are your best friend! You can never have enough! They are super foods that can help fight the effects of ageing, cancer, heart-disease, eyesight problems, skin conditions, you name it! They are cell regenerative, packed full of vitamins and minerals that help alkaline your body, help with weight loss, they boost your immunity, prevent bone loss, they remove toxins from your body, and they regulate your digestive system. Make sure to have a serving of at least a 1/2 cup or more in two meals a day every week. We also put a little bit of olive oil and garlic on them to make them extra tasty:) 

4.) Lose the Booze 

No fun we know, but alcohol can inhibit weight loss up to 75%! Not to mention it dehydrates your body, it is very hard on your liver and digestive system, and it decreases your vitamin and mineral content by 50%! Try detoxing for a month and see the difference it has on your body. 

5.) Make sure you are getting the right amount of calories daily 

 We all need calories, but getting the right amount is extremely important! For example, our Paleo Meal Plan is set to help you loose weight at 1,200 calories. However, this amount is based on you eating the meal plan alone, it does not account for exercise. So let's say you workout one day and burn 300 of the 1,200 calories. You will need to replace those 300 calories with either a protein shake or protein bar or you body will read it as you not getting enough calories that you need and it will actually put itself into starvation mode, and hold on to the fat that you just tried so hard to get rid of. The trick is energy balance. After all, that's what a calorie is, a unit of energy. If you consume more calories or energy than your body uses, that extra energy (no matter the source) will turn into body fat. Likewise, as stated before if your body does not receive enough calories it will think it's starving and it will hold on to excess energy. So the trick is to always keep your body happy:)

We hope you enjoyed this blog! If you'd like to get started with one of our healthy meal plans feel free to check out our website www.nakefitfoods.com for more information or give us a call at (813) 379-3232. And above all be well! smileyheart

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