10 Health Tips for People on the Go

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1. Hydrate.

Water is an essential part of everyday life. It’s almost impossible to have too much. Always keep a water bottle with you when you leave the house and have at least one glass before every meal.  

2. Pencil in your Workouts.

Whether it be in an organized planner or a scrap of paper, write down your workouts for the week along with the rest of your schedule. If you write it down, it’ll be more concrete, which means you’ll be more likely to complete it.  

3. Plan your meals.

Make a list of meals and snacks you want throughout the week and stick to the list. When people go into a store without a plan they tend to buy things they don’t need. Make sure you know exactly what you came for.

4. Only shop on the outer edge of the grocery store.

All of the fresh produce needs a constant watch and rotation to stay fresh, so they are kept on the outside edge of most grocery stores.  Try to stay away from the middle aisles, most are filled with processed junk food.

5. Eat multiple small portions throughout the day.

Eating only a few big meals per day causes your metabolism to spike up and down irregularly. By eating small meals 5 or 6 times throughout the day, you keep your metabolism at a constant rate which is much better for the body.

6. Keep healthy snacks in your briefcase and/or car.

A bag of almonds and a protein bar can be the perfect pick-me-up when you’re stuck in bad traffic or powering though that last hour of work. Always keep something on you so you are not tempted to stop for an unhealthy snack.

7. Turn the TV off.

While television can be a way for some to relax, it can often be a poor waste of time. Go for a walk, invite friends over, read a good book; make your life more interesting than the TV characters.

8. Take the stairs.

Whether you’re going to and from the office or running your daily errands, try to stay away from elevators. Taking the stairs is a perfect opportunity to throw a little workout into your daily routine.

9. Keep your phone out of the bedroom.

Not only is the screen bad for our eyesight, it also takes longer for you to fall asleep after you’ve been looking at your phone for a long period of time.  Leave your phone on the charger in the living room so you’re not tempted.

10. Set a bedtime.

Your energy and focus levels throughout the day are directly related to the amount of sleep you get each night. Often, we get distracted with homework, deadlines, or miscellaneous chores that we forget to look at the time. Set a bedtime alarm for yourself and stick to it, you’ll thank yourself in the morning.



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